Music Hip Hop in Canada

Canada is known for its hip hop music that dates back to many years. Hip Hop Music in Canada was first established in 1980. The Hip Hop top music could not gain much appreciation in the very beginning as it was under pressure of Rock Music that was a forte in those days. People mostly loved listening to Rock Music but from early 2000’s the scene started to change. The first album that was released by the Hip Hop artists was named “The Bum Rap” also, known as the Singing Fools. The first top Hip Hop program was the “Fantastic Voyage” that was organized in 1983. Canada created some quality singers when it comes to Hip Hop.


Being in the American records mattered the most to the Hip Hop singers and they tried their best to gain the Title. Among many, one was “MichieMee” who got the first ever chance to sign a contract with an American label. All of these were happening in the early 1990’s. Things changed a bit from the mid 1990’s.


Happenings from Early 1990 to mid-1990: During this era, many hip hop singers got recognized and famous in America and Black Canadian music such as Infidels, Deborah Coz, etc. became successes in the pop and rock genres. Hip Hop music could gain immense popularity in Toronto, New York etc. These singers were loved by one and all. Things began to change a bit from 1996 when the Urban Music Association of Canada was established to build up the domestic and international profile of Canadian urban music. During this period, some controversies did come up but it was sorted welcomingly. There was a Canadian Hip hop music album that became popular during this time and it was ” Rap essentials Volume One”.


Phase of 1998: 1998 was the year that saw a total transformation in Canadian music. Vancouver was the star during that period and his band “Rascalz” took Canadian music to greater heights. “Northern Touch” was recorded by many bands together and it became a great hit. Rascalzwas awarded with the Juno Award for Best Rap recording in 1997 for their super hit album “Cash Crop”! But they were not presented with the award and this was a debate was carried on for quite some time. Northern Touch” remained to be the best album that was produced in that era.


Happenings after 2000: Things started to change a lot from the 2000’s. Canadian hip hop singers had to face many obstacles in the way to become the best in American charts. They could understand that Americans liked the music when it was something that sooth their tastes. And so, many Canadian singers tried to sing in the American style and many could make their way into their hearts and music. But, it took a long time for KardinalOffishall to be the Number 1. “Best I ever Had” was able to reach the Hot 100 songs.


Many famous artists rose in the beginning of the top music hip hop Canada such as Devon, Dream Warriors, etc. who could manage to catch the crowd’s attention for some period of time.


Nadel Paris is a singer, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, and Urban
She is also an actor, an acting coach and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.

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